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Connected enterprises for electronics solutions

Our experience

With Almost 15 years of experience in the Mexico market, and a backup of 30 years in USA representing a broad product line card of electronic components focused on customer support and their required solutions.

An expert on electronic sales

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Our Verticals: Medical, Automotive, Home Appliance, Communications & Industrial

Manufacture Representative

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Cables USB
Junta de Circuito


Flow, Mass, Pressure, Humidity, Temperature, air quality and more...


High tech connectors and cable assembly for; network industry, power systems, data centers, automotive and home appliance

Circuit Protection

Magnetics overall and circiut protection components. Inductors and transformers for power supplies

Capacitors: Generic and high tech polymer

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Helping to our contract manufacture customers (EMS) with the best quality and high tech PCB's overseas. Flex PCB, Multilayer, Fast Prototypes, Aluminum, Rigid, HDI. For: Medical, Automotive, Lightning, Computers and Mobiles.


The best LED manufacture supply for hight tech lightning. LED Drivers, up to 150W price competitive and Modules (up to 30W with Driver included, LED Strips)


The bluetooth lowest energy modules in the world, and crystals oscilators for development of IoT technology and more

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Av. México 2798, 5B Floor


Circunvalacion Vallarta

City: Guadalajara, State: Jalisco

Mexico, Zip Code: 44690


+52 33 2708 2994

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